Am I crazy or does he not want me around?

Long story short I live with my boyfriend we've only been dating about 2 years and he gets mad at everything I do, if he's playing his video games and I'm eating he says my chewing is annoying him and he tell me to "shut up" he recently told me he doesn't care about my friends and got upset when I tried to show him my snap chat stories of my friends, he doesn't want to mee my family even though I've met his entire family, he woke up to find me crying after he had been mad at me and asked me why, when I said "it makes me sad that you're always upset at me and I don't know why" instead of talking to me he said "why don't you just hold me" and he went back to sleep. How should I confront this? What should I do
Am I crazy or does he not want me around?
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