Guys, what kind of girl do you prefer?

When her first impression strikes, what is more likely to captivate you: a girl who is confident and sassy and knows what she wants and is a go getter, or a shy more innocent sensitive girl that is more humble?

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  • Innocent, Shy, Humble
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  • I like the shy girl more because she is more reserved and not on the hunt for guys i feel like the shy girls would be more committed to a real relationship then the sassy and go getter kind. I feel like the go getter girl will be less satisfied with a relationship and might get bored with it and move on


Most Helpful Girl

  • Confident innocent


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  • It comes down to subjective preference. Some people like the sassy bold women, some the shy ones. I like the shy ones. Mainly cause I like to think I'm in control. It's a psychological thing.

    Just be yourself. I'm sure you will find someone who likes YOU.

  • It's her entire personality that defines if I like her or not. Outgoing or sensitive/shy are only parts of what make up someone's personality


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