Should I follow him back on Instagram?

I’m gonna keep this short as I can. me and this guy talked and got real close and he ended it with me even though we weren’t in an actual relationship it felt exactly like a breakup and I was a wreck. haven’t spoke to him in 4 weeks and we unfollowed eachother on instagram, should I follow him again or wait longer?


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What Guys Said 1

  • If you can't fight for something you love, don't cry for it when you loose it.

    • trust me I really did love him, and I texted him a couple days after we stopped talking and he never answered so that’s when I stopped contacting him and it’s been 4 weeks already. so that’s why I’m saying should I just follow him on insta I don’t want to text him again right away

What Girls Said 1

  • dont follow him again? seriously whats the point


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