If he doesn't text you. How do you feel?

The guy you like has been texting almost all week. But one day he doesn't say anything. How do you feel? Do you notice?

I'm not trying to play games. But I also feel that texting all day every day isn't the best. What is she thinking?

P. S She knows I like her, we flirty and stuff. all good.


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  • I would be wondering why he hasn't texted me all day and have thoughts that maybe he lost interest... especially if we talk everyday and all the sudden I don't hear from him.

    • So you think she would notice? Would that make you miss him? She's just gone for 5 weeks and I would rather not text ALL day long lol. Save that for dates and stuff. But I do want to text her still and will tomorrow..

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    • Gotchya. Makes sense. See her and I are in an interesting spot. I already made it known how I feel tword her. She is uncertain and needs to process if she wants this or not. But since then she has gotten more filrty with me. She wasn't sure how much communication is right when I asked her. So I felt giving her some space here and there would be okay? But I dont want her thinking I lost interest or cause her to worry.. Just this winter break is poor timing lol. gota be LDR for 5 weeks or so.

    • I think you're good then! Maybe go every other day or contact her every two days and see how her break has been going!

  • 1 day with no contact? That's fine
    I would worry if he goes 1-2 weeks.. but hey I would worry if I like him. If I don't like him I won't give a shit

    • But would you notice? Would that make you miss him? Like how would you feel?

    • I would miss him if I like him
      Let's say if I like him yes I would notice and I was going to send him a message

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