Why does girl keep talking to me if she doesn't like me?

Well there is this girl I like, but as time goes on it gets a little less. So we were talking it got real intense very quickly. As time went by we kept hanging around I started to like her a little more. It got to the point where I told her how I felt and tried to see what she wanted. She told me that she didn't know what she wanted, but we still kept talking to each other and chilling. So fast forward a couple months, and a few times of me telling her again how I felt. She had told me and continues to tell me that she likes me and all that jazz. One point she told me to be patient with her, because she doesn't want to get hurt. So I went ahead and said ok (in my head that sounded like a move to string me along. Yet I decided to go along with it, because I like her). She still texts me and calls me, which she does most of the time, which makes me wonder. It makes me wonder why do you put all this effort in a guy you have already decided you don't really want to be with. I should also say there are some days we might not talk, or the texting is real short. In addition, there will be times when I text her she won't respond for hours or even the next day. Some times I wonder if she is with another guy while she is talking to me.
Despite still talking to her I have stopped telling her that I like her. I don't really text her that much, unless she texts or calls me. She has mentioned that she seems to do most of the texting/calling first. I just didn't respond to that, because I am not trying to get into any argument. My thing is why try so hard for a guy who is not your first choice? Why not spend that time going after the guy who you really like and want to be with? Someone give me some advice on this please. Most of the people I have spoken to, say just be patient and see where it heads, others say just go along with it just keep looking.
P. S. My thoughts are if a girl really likes you, there would be no problems talking with them. You would want to be around them, talk to them, or even text them a lot (if not whenever you do have a spare moment). Maybe I am looking at this the wrong way.
In addition, there would be no problem moving the relationship forward. Then the whole patient thing (even though she says she doesn't want to get hurt).


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  • Brother we have the exact same situation (I thought I was the only one on this planet who is going through this kind of situation) felt bit comfortable there are more like me (sorry). Trust me brother she is really a bitch and she just want to time pass and waist your time (Nothing more nothing less)

    • You are in the same boat as the asker except that you are blaming women for your own shortcomings.

  • You were needy and clingy and got friendzoned. You've got a lot to learn about women... 😞

    • Ok then if you know then pl inform us that what she wanted

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    • Women need space. They do not want you texting them all the time. They certainly do not want to hear from you nor do they want to contact you "every spare moment." They don't want someone who falls all to pieces when he hasn't heard from them in a 24 hours.

    • Roger that

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