Why am I the rebound?

I've liked this guy since march. He has a girlfriend so we became best friends because I could not date him. Well we used to talk on the phone every night and he would actually answer my texts and we would have a conversation. Now he rarely calls me or answers my texts. He has found a new best friend and pushed me away. I cry every night because I can't have him as a boyfriend and now even as a friend. I'm so lost I have no idea what to do without him. I'm scared to talk to him about it because I don't want to get into another fight, I hate fights with him.



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  • you're the rebound because you put yourself on deck or second place...the fallback girl in the event he becomes available...you need to live and breathe the friendship ladder if you are going to be able to handle such complexities of relationship at least the way you are trying to deal with it


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