Dating questions?

When's the best time to tell you're crush that you like them what you think leave a comment if you think different its okay to let your feelings go and be happy with yourself


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  • the best time to tell them is when you're getting mutual vibes


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  • On Valentine’s Day

    • Stop giving the poor kid bad advice đŸ˜‚

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    • Its just not practical, girls 'our' age aren't always looking for someone. Seeing how the person asking has a crush and I'm 60% sure that they don't have a relationship outside of merely being acquaintances, I think him telling her on Valentine's day would be a good gesture, but it will only make him look cute... in a bad way (i. e she won't take him seriously and be attracted to him, if he's aiming for that reaction then I'd say you're golden)

    • Im not in a relationship but I've had a few girls in the past that had crushes on me but I wasn't really trying to date anyone

  • Ask them out and kiss them is better


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