Do you ever want to talk to your boo but they’re taking forever to reply?

Okay, to be honest, I just came to vent. I love my friends but they usually end up giving me advice, which I don’t need, as much as I appreciate that.

I barley spoke to my boyfriend today. I had a funeral to go to (im not sad or anything though. It was my moms uncle who wasn’t um... very disrespectful all I could say so we weren’t close to him).

Anyways he was taking sooooo long to text, more than usual, like 20 minutes to several hours. He told me he didn’t message me often today cause I seemed busy. But he was responding late even when I invited him over, and he liked my comment on social media (but took extra time to reply to my text).

Im doing my best not to be clingy and I’m doing fine. I’ve just been distracting myself but it bothers me cause it’s a little weired he barley talked to me today. Then he mentioned going on a date but still taking long. I basically sent a text responding to his previous one and saying “ you seem busy so I’ll let you go now. Night 😙”

I hope that that was an okay response, and I know he cares about me for sure, or so I’m mostly confident, but I just miss him and feel weired.


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  • Boy. You are one intelligent women. You know what you are doing. And you did good too. But you are a bit selfish too.. how can any one reply in a funeral or talk to you in public and show you affection in a funeral site. Come on time and place please.

    • It was afterwards when I started speaking to him. We came home. He messaged me beforehand

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    • 😂 nah I telll him he’s pretty badass and he still sticks with me. He tells me the same stuff. Not to be overbearing, but he knows I could just find another guy if I wanted to, but I really like him so I picked him. He’s worth it haha

      Do you have a special someone in your life?

    • You guys are way too cool.. .

  • My girlfriend gas exams atm she gives me maybe 5 min of attention in a day i understand but i need a little more. I feel like im being clingy so i dont text that much even tho i wana share things that happened to me today

    • That really sucks! If I’m missing my guy right now you must REALLY miss her. Makes sense because the exams though. I think just let her know you’re there if she needs anything and let her be. You can do it dude! :)

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