Help racist parents?

My girl friend is a different race than me ( im white she's asian) and its been 3 years and i still haven't told my parents about her. The issue is they are extremely racist and i dont have the money to move out yet so if they kick me out im homeless. Any ideas what i should do?


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  • Break up with her so she can find a guy with a family who will accept her and a guy who will please her in bed.

    • Go back to pornhub kid daddy is talking grown up stuff

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  • Obviously you only have one option for now brah lol
    Keep it secret still


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  • Does she know your parents are racist?

    • Yes she does

    • Then just keep it a secret u til you two can move out together or you can on your own then break it to them

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  • Where are you from?

  • I don't know bro. I guess u have to give it a try..


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