Not sure about how I feel anymore?

Whenever I go out with my girlfriends I get a lot of guy attention. My boyfriend knows this as I’m honest with him and tell him how my nights were. I thought I was being good with honesty so it doesn’t make him feel like I’m going out to get guys. I go just to have a girls night. But the last time I told him he got really insecure (he said he was insecure) and thought that the things I wear are too slutty and I do it on purpose for attention. I disagreed and was confused why now he said this after being together for over 8 years. What really hurt me was he said I act like a slut and always have with the slutty dresses I wear and that I do it on purpose. Since then I haven’t wanted to be close to him at all & he apologised and said he was feeling insecure and he knows he gets like it sometimes and fucks up. He’s also been trying to make an effort in taking me out more and more affectionate toward me. But I just feel like what he said can’t pass me. I’m not one for holding things against people and I will happily move past every argument we have but this time feels different. I feel really hurt by him and I’m not sure what to say to him to express my feelings. I don’t want an argument out of this so that’s why I’m holding back on talking to him.
Not sure about how I feel anymore?
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