First Date Ideas, First Timer (Help! lol)

So I've been talking to this girl for a while, and I need to know what a good first date is because, well, I've never actually dated anyone before

I wasn't really the type of guy that girls would like a couple years ago, but now I feel like I'm ready and that a girl might actually like me

I just really need ideas of a really good first date, what was your favorite one and why, etc



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  • The best dates are those that allow you to talk. Do something that's a fun activity. Bowling, skating, walk in the park, fun dinner, or something else along the lines. You don't want to do something that gives you too much time together. Sometimes, we need time to gather our thoughts, since were thinking so many things on a first date. This is why an activity is so much better. Gives us a chance to pause and gather.


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  • Just want to be that "alpha male". Don't do anything too "perfect" and just make it fun... coffee, local hang-out, movies, something like that.

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