Have you ever made it out the friendzone?

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  • No
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  • Yes as a rebound
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  • Yes I just left it and stopped talking to the person
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What Girls Said 1

  • All the guys I've been with have. I'm always friends with them first before we date.


What Guys Said 1

  • The only way to escape the friend zone is to walk away from it. Once you are there you are emasculated. You no longer exist as a male, you are a best female friend. Your penis no longer has relevance and there is more chance that she would fuck a doorknob than you. So, to escape this indignity you must say "Look, I came here for more than friendship and I'm wasting my time, hence fuck this shit". If you go shopping for shoes you don't come home with a banana. You either get shoes or you don't. If you can't find the shoes you want you just come home. Yes, I know that was a great analogy, you're welcome ;)


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