How do I stop comparing every guy to my ex?

My ex and I broke up after 4 years a little over a year ago. It was hard for me because he broke up with me but I knew it was for the better so I took my time in getting over him. I loved him a lot like so much more than I ever thought I would love a boyfriend, but we just had huge differences that led us to argue all the time. Now that I am finally comfortable dating guys I am constantly looking for that spark I had with my ex and the same similarities my ex and I had and I just feel like I’m basically looking for someone who is “my ex but better”. I know that’s messed up to say but I just know that if I date anyone who doesn’t give me the same feelings my ex did as well as have the things my ex didn’t have, I just won’t feel satisfied. I’ll feel like I’m settling. How do you get passed the comparing and feeling like no one can replace your ex?
How do I stop comparing every guy to my ex?
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