Would you date someone 16 years younger than you?

A few weeks ago, I meet this girl who I thought she was 22, 23 years old. So right at the bat we had great chemistry, but then, I saw her Facebook and I discovered she is only 18 years old, and a few days later, when we were talking, I asked her just "out of curiosity" how old does she think I am? And she responded: like...25, 26? and I'm 34, almost 35 years old, so I felt embarrassed to tell her I'm way older than 25 years. I'm thinking, well, maybe she likes me because she probably doesn't even imagine how old I'm really...

is is this too creepy? Should pull the plug on this one and end everything?
Should I tell her my age?

Its not like this relation it's something serious or something like that, we are, at the end of the day, just like "friends with not benefits..., but something like that".

what should I do?


Most Helpful Girl

  • You should tell her! she would feel you aren’t a honest person if she find out. If she likes you, she will accept it. Later I think she would feel shocked more than now

    • I told this situation to a close friend of mine, and he said: who cares, if she likes you, then don't bring this subject to her.

    • In my opinion, you should let her know. You both did mention about your age before, but you didn’t tell her the truth, she would feel different if she finds out on her own. If I were her, I would think you dont tell your age, then you would hide me something else that I dont know. To be comfortable and happy together, let tell the truth. I believe you also hope she doesn’t hide you anything either.

    • Everyone have rights to know the truth tell her she will accept

Most Helpful Guy

  • You should probably tell her. She deserves to know. If she really does like you then she should be ok with it. I'm against such a big age gap. If you're both ok with then it shouldn't be problem anyways.

    • Yeah, it's a big gap, now whenever I'm with her in public, I feel paranoid, like if everyone else were watching us, and judging me. And probably that's not even the case, but that's how I feel after I saw her age, like, I'm thinking, does she really looks this young? 18,

    • Tell her and see what she says. What's important is that you don't keep ot a secret. Though if you're friends on Facebook she should have noticed it already.

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  • If you like her, nothing speaks against it. Age is just a number

  • the person would be non existent lmao... and no


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  • Who cares? Do you like her? Does she like you?

    There you go. Simple.

  • Not yet.


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