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Hey, Portuguese girl here, first of all I apologize for my English. SOOO... 2 years ago I was In a relationship, a very good one, I didn't had anything like take for years, we made plans and everything, but suddenly he became cold and started to push me away and went MIA, he blocked me and my all family, and I still think it was my fault. This year same thing, but we didn't entroduce each other to family, we spent a lot of time together, and we agreed to not tell our friends yet, more him than me, but suddenly he disappeared too, no contact, I sent him a lot of messages to ask what's going on and nothing... we didn't fight, we actually made plans for that week, and we were really good together... so I ask guys, WHY ME?


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  • Relacionamentos são complicados assim mesmo... Tive um de oito anos q nos primeiros 5 foi um mar de rosas e depois foi morro abaixo... Meu conselho eh... Siga em frente... Olhe pra trás e veja oq vc acha q fez de errado no relacionamento (se não encontrar nada então ótimo) é aprenda com isso pra não se repetir... Fica tranquila que com certeza vai encontrar alguém q te mereça ^^

    • Wow, 8 anos é muito. Eu aprendi a primeira, nao houve razão nenhuma para me acontecer uma segunda vez. E obrigada pela resposta. Vou tentar seguir o Conselho 😊

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  • It isn't just you but that doesn't really help you feel better. Any more people feel it is okay to walk away without any reason or remorse.

    • Thank you for your answer. I will try to feel better. I just can not believe it.

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    • 🤗

      The reason I use this app is to help people and they kind of response you gave makes it more than worth it. Oh, another thing that makes me smile is making other GaG'ers smile hahahaha 😂

    • Aww thank you again 😊 good I could help you to, to smile.

  • It's people online trolling by getting relations with people then disappearing. It's called "ghosting" your just unlucky it's nothing personal

  • Não sei, mas gostava de poder ajudar.


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