Why can't I fall in love with my best friend? he is so perfect guy?

I have a male friend that is just perfect, he is funny, has a good heart and he is good looking as well. We talk a lot about everything everyday, i really like him.
He is in love with me and is asking me often why don't i feel anything for him, and i just don't know.
why can't i fall in love with him?
I usually fall for guys that don't treat me well by the way. ;/ i don't know what to do.


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  • Yeahhh the good guys hardly get the girl in the end... (talking by self experience)
    You already mentally friendzoned him... And you "type" of guy by what you said is the douche one... Like a lot of girls... Might be some guy over there that can be both for you...
    In my opinion you should give the guy a shot... You might feel good around him... But you would risk your friendship with it... So it's your call

  • Date him.

  • He deserves you. But love cannot be one-sided


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