How do you suggest meeting new people to date in real life?

For me online sucks but still the same time I don't meet to many girls my age that are open to date. What are some things that I can do to meet more new woman who are open to date?


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  • Well i would suggest you get involved in different activities that interest you. This way you have something in common if you meet a interesting girl. If not well you enjoy a new activity.


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  • About the only thing I can say here's get off the computer get off the phone get out in public and enjoy yourself and try to put yourself in front of somebody and ask them out. Most of the dating apps on dating sites are all a joke just to make money anyway.

    • Honesty I work at a park so Im not on a computer that much. Still I notice that most people my age never really go out much.

    • Very true. Try Facebook singles pages

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  • For most, any relationship can take time to develop as time helps with building trust, familiarization and dialog. In my opinion, if you join a club or group that allows you to interact with people with similar interest and you begin to build a little social sphere/net work.

    Also online is brutal as it's a savage place since the people you "might" interact with are completely random. Imagine online dating for women... it's very scary for them.

    # 1 thing men and women fear when they go on their first date:

    Men: That she will be fat

    Women: that he will murder her.

    vastly different.

    good luck.

  • I agree with what northerngal said. I met my girlfriend by being involved in a lot of activities, and now that we’re together, we both join activities that we both like doing. This could be a community organization, a club or group, etc.


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