Facial Expressions of Guys when making out?

So I'm just interested in the body language of people and I noticed that there are times when a guy I'm with will raise his eyebrows while making out or will pull away to stare for a few moments sometimes. Honestly just curious on why some of you guys do this! (not that its a bad thing at all~) Note that yes once in a while i do peek especially when changing positions so i make sure I don't bonk into them haha


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  • Sex for guys is a game of focus (if his intention is mainly make you feel pleasured) cuz if the guy just go with everything and don't focus in controlling the phase and his attention when he is close to cum.. He will not be able to hold it... So yeah... What you're experiencing is the guy trying to Last as much as possible for you ^^

  • They can't believe they are kissing you, like is this a dream kind of thing


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