Need help in making conversations with girls?

So here's a thing, when ever I'm out and I see a pretty gal I can approach her, show her a good time and get her number but after that is where nothing is happening.

Like after I get the number we text but things get slow, especially with our busy lives, and the lack of my skills in making a conversation. But here's a thing I try, I try really hard to make conversations but I feel a conversation is something that's done both ways right? That's how I feel it's usually is or I'm just super boring lol.

Most of the conversation after the point I get her number dry down and she just stops replying and I just leave them alone at that point. How do I get past this? It's frustrating when I do things to impress a random girl and get her number only for things to dry down and for nothing to happen when it could be potentially something, only if I could do something about it, any ideas?
Need help in making conversations with girls?
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