Need help in making conversations with girls?

So here's a thing, when ever I'm out and I see a pretty gal I can approach her, show her a good time and get her number but after that is where nothing is happening.

Like after I get the number we text but things get slow, especially with our busy lives, and the lack of my skills in making a conversation. But here's a thing I try, I try really hard to make conversations but I feel a conversation is something that's done both ways right? That's how I feel it's usually is or I'm just super boring lol.

Most of the conversation after the point I get her number dry down and she just stops replying and I just leave them alone at that point. How do I get past this? It's frustrating when I do things to impress a random girl and get her number only for things to dry down and for nothing to happen when it could be potentially something, only if I could do something about it, any ideas?


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  • One thing to do is use her replys to your advantage when she says i love red roses dont just shrug it off or ask simply about the rose dig deep ask about why the red Rose? It comes with experience but also after a conversation ends next time bring up small hints or mentions of the last conversation show her your interested in more than just her looks sho her your paying attention to her

  • You nailed it, its a 2 way thing and if she's dry and not saying much then she's either not that interested or just super boring! keep going and you'll find someone who you can chat to easily and its not forced by either of you - then its right to move onto the next level

    • Ah. Right, you know I'd come to that conclusion it's just its happening waay too many times? Why would someone give me their number if they're not interested in the first place?

    • Women are funny, they are mostly really specific about who they like and think they could like you, so you get their number but then it turns out you don't fit the bill for whatever reason and just go quiet, don't worry about it, it happens to us all

    • Wow okay lol. Dang that's tricky haha, thanks pal.

  • Ask her out


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