Why are fat girls so Shallow?

I think fat girls are very shallow, they think the only guys they will date is another fat guy, thus basing it on his looks and looks alone. But when they get into a relationship they both hate each other. Why can't fat girls be more open minded? Fat girls think guys are sexist, I would have to say women are just as bad. Women are so shallow! They just want men to be perfect in everything, then when they ain't then their all mad, what in the world did you think was going to happen? I swear women make no sense? Plus they can be pretty dumb sometimes.


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What Girls Said 1

  • What is the point fat or not fat?
    Fat is something that can be changed
    I might be fat for 2 years and then go back to being skinny thus my character won't change I will be the same 100 pounds or 400 punds...
    you need to grow up and meet better women

    Judging only from a scale/weight it shows your lips still have momma milk...
    use a better judgment please it's not too late to change

    I am rooting for you 😊


What Guys Said 2

  • They're bitter mostly, I've heard women complain even after they lost weight that now men are interested and they weren't before when they were fat. I was fat, I lost weight, women noticed me , sure they did, I put some effort into looking better. What goddamned right did I ever have to expect women to pay attention to me if I was big and fat? Unreal the entitled shit attitude a lot of these girls have.

  • haha someones triggered


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