Is he pushing me away or just being a jerk?

I met a guy, we totally hit it off, great conversation and great sex. We just happen to live in different places in the world. After our first few dates, we went our separate ways but kept in touch daily for nearly two months (mostly texting/sexting). It was clear we were still very into each other so I went out to visit him for four nights. They were incredible. Even though we made it clear from the beginning that we weren't doing long distance, and that we weren't aiming for BF/GF, he was incredibly sweet and attentive. He cooked several meals for me, we talked, we had great sex, we explored his city and beyond... it seemed like we were becoming more connected. Just before I left, we made plans for him to come out and visit me in a few months.

BUT... it's been four days since I came home. Even though he's still texting every day, it's much shorter and distant. He's mostly complained about a work situation with little or no affectionate texts (a complete 180 from before my visit). I was getting the sense from his behavior and the way he was looking at me that we were both falling for each other in more than a casual hookup way. But now it seems he's pushing me away. Since we aren't in a "relationship," I'm not comfortable asking - wtf's up, guy? But... guys... wtf is this?


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  • You can give him a surprise visit and find out yourself


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