Do I have a chance with this cute guy?

So, in another question I had, to sum it up, he's someone I work with. He already knew my name but I recently asked for his. Pretty much... we've been dodging each other. Words gotten around that I like him, he hasn't said one word to me... just recently he said, "Hi, (nickname)." I was like, "Hi.." quietly. Then as he walked away he said "Goodmorning." Which I replied to. Basically this cute kid was avoiding me and I thought he wasn't that interested until today.. a friend a while ago told him I liked him. And he just said he needed time because he just broke up with his girlfriend. NOT that he wasn't interested in me. So, EVERYONE at work knows I like him. Now he clearly knows and he stopped dodging me. He actually was in my way today so I had to wait a second while he talked with someone until he turned to me and said Hi. THEN, my friend got tired of me being scared to actually talk to him, so she goes to him: "Come here!!!" And he knew it was about me and swerved but then came back smiling. She said to him that I was painfully nervous to talk to him and that I'd like to hangout with him some time and obviously I like him. He responded with, "I just broke up with my girlfriend so I do need some time and today I'm really busy but I'll get back to her." She said he was smiling when he said that. And then that he said I dodged him when he came in- which I did! But I popped back out of the aisle. And that he understood why. Soooooo DO I EVENTUALLY HAVE A CHANCE? Like I can't even. And this girl keeps following him around like a lost puppy trying too hard and my friend (she had to train him) said he wasn't even talking to the lost puppy. He was trying to work... but also mentioning how I dodged him... so I'm assuming I eventually have a chance. Right?


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  • I think he might be seeing you as a rebound


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