Should I wish her a Merry Christmas even though she Flaked?

So I was supposed to go out with this girl like 3 weeks ago. She ended up "falling asleep", so she couldn't go out with me. I haven't talked to her since. I know she has feelings because after seeing me flirt with other girls, she made it extremely obvious to try and make me jealous. We've hugged since, but i haven't gone out of my way to talk to her. We are on a 4 week winter break, and i haven't seen her in like 2-3 weeks so far. There is like 2 weeks left.

1. Could trying to make me jealous just mean she wants my attention and not me? Or is it guaranteed to mean she has deeper feelings.

2. Should I go out of my wish her a merry Christmas? Or will i ruin any chances of her missing me and coming back?


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  • Go for it. She doesn't like seeing you with others so she obviously has feelings for you. Go out of your way to talk with her/be with her, make yourself vunerable. It"s Christmas. It's the time for things exactly like this. And she won't hate you for saying "merry christmas"


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