Which of these texts is more likely to get me the date with her?

Option 1 : long laragraph about my feings

Its been a while, and I like being friends with you, but I want us to be something more.
I was an idiot not to talk and get to know you better last year, and now I know how great a girl you are. I still want to go out on that date and give it a shot.
You know i like you, and i get things may be complicated and all, but I need to know how you feel...

option 2 : quick to the point

I've been thinking
I never got to take you out on that date :(

Lets go to see that new Pitch Perfect movie the day after Christmas. Sound like a plan?

She used to really like me last school year
I wasn't as interested then
I starting talking to her a lot more this year
She started showing signs of liking me again

I told her how i feel, she said she loves me but the time isn't right (shes really busy) she's sorry, hopes i understand

I said i undersrand, but maybe we could do something in a couple weeks

she said Yes

Its been two months since then.
We still talk a lot
She acts a little hot and cold sometimes. One week she really seems to like me the next not as much
I think the spark may have gone out a little. I made a mistake in not accepting her advances he first time and then waiting too long the next.


She knows i like her, and i really want to make this work, but i also dont want to look desperate or annoying. Which of the above texts is more likely to get me a date with her?
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Which of these texts is more likely to get me the date with her?
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