Breaking the Hymen?

I'm pretty nervous as me and my girlfriend are going to have the intimate moment for the first time, I have no clue how to deal when the hymen sheds down.

How do I react or what should I do at that point of time?

How was your experience?


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  • Do you know if she even still has her hymen?
    Some girls are born without it and most of us break it naturally in the early stages of life by just riding a horse or doing gymnastics.
    That's the first thing to know!
    If she still has her hymen there may be a little bit of blood and she will most likely feel pain too. The first time for her won't be very enjoyable.
    You know that you don't need to break it with actual penetration? It might be best to commence with foreplay, kissing her, touching her and maybe try fingering her. This way it might be less intense than having a penis do the shredding.

    • She hasn't been much athletic as far as i know, so riding horse and gymnastics is out of the way. But she does practice yoga.

      Yes! Foreplay is the way to go. Even i thought of it, i hope she doesn't freaks out.

      Also, as you said, it won't be very enjoyable for her for the first time. What all could I possibly do to make it enjoyable for her?

    • Yoga can do it too so you might be surprised.

      Well how far have you gone with her in terms of foreplay? If I may ask.

      Going slowly and communicating with her is the only way to go! Try to stimulate her clitoris a lot, her nipples etc other areas, so she will feel pleasure elsewhere if the penetration is painful! And if you do good foreplay and long foreplay she will most likely be very wet! And being wet will greatly help her and you for her first penetration :)

    • Alright noted!

      We haven't gone too far, we've had just intense kisses and a bit of dry humps, after we watched a movie at her place.

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