My favorite hobbie is bass fishing. How can I find a girl that I can take with me?

You see all these gorgeous girls on the internet and tv fishing but that just doesn't seem to be common place in the real world. Not to mention all the "country is now cool, oh yeah I love to fish poser girls out there now. I'm just wondering how would one go about finding a girl that actually would enjoy doing that together? When you're out fishing it's not like you're going to bump into a girl and strike up a convo haha


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  • To be honest a lot girls don't really enjoy fishing. That TV show you watch its TV! They get paid to "enjoy" fishing. Whenever I go with my guy he knows to take a joint to make things interesting, otherwise I'll be bored within the hour.

    • It's really more about being together spending time together outdoors than the actual fishing but still the question of how does one find someone that also enjoys nature? You go to get away not meet people lol

What Guys Said 1

  • Look for an outdoor girl, or a girl with a dad who is outdoors guy or a hunter. Farm girls are good for stuff like this.

    • Yeah one would think the midwest (where I live) would be prime for that but it seems like there are way more outdoorsy girls in the south.

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    • Exactly! But how does one actually find, meet, and start dating a farm girl or a girl who has an outdoorsy dad? Like that's the real issue

    • Life isn't always easy!

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