What are normal texts to receive after a first date?

I went on one first date with a guy before we had to leave for the holidays. A week later he sent me a picture and a text saying he was thinking of me. Is this normal?

I’ve only had one boyfriend and we didn’t start sending stuff like that until we were 3 months into our relationship. I mean it’s really sweet he’s sending me these texts but I’m not sure if this is supposed to be a red flag because we’re not even in a relationship and we’ve had only one date. Is he just trying to keep me interested or hooked on him so I don’t date other guys over winter break? He’s also four years older than me so I have no idea. Need feedback


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  • Well, it is normal for a guy to send a text after a first date. It's not creepy. I mean you don't have to be in a relationship to get texts from a guy you met. Although you didn't specify what exactly was the text or the picture.

    As for the WHY. Obviously the guy is interested in you. (Otherwise why would he even text you!)
    We guys send these texts to tell the girl that the first date was good and it's a way of planning for the next. It's a natural procedure.
    Now unless he's an insecure guy with trust issues, then I wouldn't assume he's just keeping you hooked during the holidays. Just keep it simple and don't overthink things.
    And for the age difference, personally I find it a perfect gap for your age. You want to date a mentally mature guy not a kid. Right!!!

    In the end it's all assumptions, we don't know the guy and we can't get into his head. But I hope this helps you understand things a bit more.


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  • I just think he's interested in you 😋 Ofc you can go out with anyone you want (he can't stop you) but he wants to be a thing with you probably. It's probably better if you ask how he feels towards you. Other than that, yes his response was pretty normal 😀


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