Leaving a depressed one behind?

i ve been consumed by guilt my entire life... my sister is depressed for over years now and she doesn't want too talk... she dismissed me.. but i feel guilty whenever i live... she isn't... i feel so guukty im messing up school... love life.. friends everythin


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  • You can't let someone else's depression ruin your life too. Being miserable or feeling guilty are not going to make that other person any happier. Keep letting her know you're there if she wants to talk, but then go out and life your life with a clear conscience. There's really nothing more you can do for someone if they won't accept your help.

  • Why did she dismiss you?

    • she dieznt wsnt to talk to anyone

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    • i did.. i went to her door... i said i can help her... she said no back off

    • Then just wait till she calms down

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