What is the best way to ask a girl out?

There is this girl which I have known for quite some time now and I liked her ever since I met her.
I know "love at first sight" sounds cheesy but I genuinely felt like that the first time I have met her. We are in the same class and I had no problem talking to her at first. However the boys noticed how I acted and they managed to put two and two together and with a lot of pressure in the end they managed to get me to tell them that I liked the girl. After that there has almost never been a day when they won't tease me a bit about it.
I think this has greatly reduced my self-esteem, and compared to before I have been talking less and less to my crush.
I must say that I am generally a shy and introverted person who is most comfortable with people who are the closest to me and I just can't bring myself to do anything when a lot of people are watching.
I have however been trying to talk with her when no one else is around (there is usually the lunch period where if I am lucky we are both left alone for a couple of minutes) but it has been mostly one or two things about school and every conversation died off quickly. I have also been chatting with her online and that has also proceeded like everything else - before we talked a lot, now we almost don't. I think there is still hope for me because on some occasions I have managed to make her laugh with something witty that I miraculously managed to come up with.
What I am wondering now is how do I proceed to ask her out? I have never ever gone on a date before and i want to know how to do it properly (if not perfectly). I have her phone number and her so which would be better for asking her out:
Texting her about something else and then asking her or should I be straightforward and go for the question. Or should I call her, and if I was to call her what should I say to? "Do you want to go out together to get to know each other more." or "I was thinking about you and I wondered whether you'd care to join me for a drink."?


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  • I think you should ask her face to face and be straightforward. In those few minutes of privacy you have during lunch just ask her if she would be willing to go out eith you and if she says yes tell her you'll text her the details


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