Are there rich guys out there who are into poor girls?

Take for example Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Obviously, Meghan Markle's net worth is nothing to laugh about, but she's poor if we were to compare the amount of money Prince Harry has.

It seems like rich people tend to stick to people in their circle.
My question is, are there really rich guys out there who are willing to date girls who are poor?
By poor, I mean someone who comes from a low-income background.


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  • Meghan Markle is not at all an example of a poor girl marrying a rich man.
    It's two rich people getting married.

    But to answer the question, no. It's a class thing. Classes don't intermingle very often.
    Different levels of intelligence let alone education make them incompatible.

    A guy who just won the lottery or found another way of getting rich after coming from a poor background might go for a poor girl but not a man who has a family history of wealth.

    These people with family histories of wealth are a different breed of people. It is controversial to say but they are frankly genetically better than us common folk. They want someone the same as them with the same values and culture.

    • I personally have a lawyer friend who makes a ton of money and he married a photographer/sales associate who isn't even attractive to begin with.

      I know another 45 year old Jewish company owner who fell in love with two girls half his age who are tattooed, poor, and nothing special in terms of attractiveness. Unfortunately, the first girl was just a golddgigger who made fun of his penis size and I'm pretty sure the one he is currently engaged to is just looking for money AND a green card.
      So it definitely does happen, but people just don't hear about it much since most of the rich people we (common people) know about are celebrities. Us common people don't have much exposure to rich people. And obviously, celebrities tend to date other celebrities. So that pretty much creates the misconception that rich men only date rich women.

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    • Perhaps money isn't a quality they require since they have plenty of it and have other more important preferences? Perhaps they take pride in being a provider and being a girl's Prince Charming?

      Everyone has different needs and different preferences. Money may be important to you and you may feel as if you're settling if you date a poor chick, but money isn't a requirement or even a preference for every guy. A lot of rich guys value a girl's looks or personality more than her money.

    • well you're answering the question yourself.

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  • Sure! I think most people who meet on this kind of situation dont really know how much is in each others bank accounts at first, and then if they mesh they mesh!


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  • Depends on how rich but no.

  • Personally, the pressure is on for me to marry up or to at least end up with a girl witha similar background to my own. Although, if it's just dating net worth isn't really a factor, I always get stuck paying for the dates anyway.


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