Does he like me or my bff?

Ok so there is this boy I like, he knows I like home because I told him on a dare. Me and my bff are really good friends with him. We started cuddling techniques with each other. No there was a lot of flirty and air kisses he sent me but he stopped doing that and started doing it to my bff. Does he like her more than me. The other day they played a prank on me and they pretended to be dating, so I was a little sad. They then told me it was a joke. But like does he still like me? Help please


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  • He does not like you and her either.

    • Are you sure because he has tried to kiss me before?

    • Personal opinion. Him and your boyfriend are fool you around. Does your boyfriend knows you are into him? Because if she does and she still plays around with him pretending there are dating, she is not a real friend!!! Watch out girl!

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