I'm interested in trying a relationship with a black girl from a different school, any advice?

I don't have many black people at my school and most of them I don't get along with but I go to a school sponsored career center to learn career related stuff of my choosing I'm in the construction one and there's this cute one that is in the nursing program she goes to a school in on of the nearest towns to mine and I enjoy talking to her and I think she likes talking to me as well but for what little I know about black girls there are a few differences from white girls. So do you have any advice on how I should go about things?


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  • I'm in an eerily similar situation to yours (I'm black in nursing and my boyfriend is in construction). But honestly, just talk to her like you would any other person, race shouldn't change a person's personality by too much.


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  • Probably not going to work that well since you see her as a black girl before you see her as just another human. Why are you expecting her to be different? Does race determine personality, likes, dislikes etc? Are you the same as every other white guy or whatever you are? She's just a person.
    So, get over that shit first before trying with a black girl.

    • I'm sorry that my miniscule amount of experience with black people is mostly negative I've only ever met five.

      When I met her at first my thoughts were "oh she's cute" not "oh she's a cute black girl" you sound far more bigoted than I unintentionally came out as.

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    • It's just that you're weirdly defensive about this innocent question, and I disagree with you on different races acting differently. While there's no universal personality for each race, people within the same race will be raised with similar teachings and ideas. There's some things that you might be ignorant to about different races, there could be terms and traditions that you're not used to. He's simply worried about either seeming ignorant or being seen as unattractive towards her because he's white. Which also a valid worry, some people just have racial preferences, which isn't always right but there's nothing you can do about it.

    • @momomu no they won't. Black people for example, the two main black continents alone have tons of different types of people and have different upbringings, let alone how many different groups of people within those countries. There's no black tradition, since an American has different traditions to a Ghanaian who has different traditions to a Jamaican etc.

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  • Just be yourself. Deep down, we're not all that different. If you're interested, just ask her out.

  • why are you saying back girl? she is same as other girls


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