I’m not ready to date, but I reeeally want to date you?

”I’m not ready to date, but I really want to date you and be yours. What does that mean? She didn’t comminucate why she isn’t ready. She’s said she wants to be a couple and all that stuff.

And how should I proceed? I don’t want to waste months getting nowhere, and let interest simmer and turn into boredom or turn into resentment.


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  • First I'd ask her why. If she doesn't respond satisfactorily, I'd tell her that I hope that when she does become ready to date, I'm still available, and ask her to contact me when she was.

    And then I'd try to move on.

  • Careful man. That’s a dangerous road. I’ve been down it. I’ve heard the exact same thing but in the end it turns out I was the plan b, being lead on so this girl could build her damn ego. I was a great friend to her and I cared about her and right when she got the guy she really wanted I was gone. Im not saying this is what is gonna happen to you but just be aware that it could happen. I should’ve seen it coming, you need to carefully examine the situation and look for signs that you’re just being led on. I hope everything works out though, be careful.

    • That has crossed my mind. She doesn’t hide me from her friends and family and doesn’t push me away or scoot away when her friends see us sitting too close or when she’s leaning against me. She’s talked to her friends about me, and introduced me to her sister as her “boyfriend... well not yet, but I’m working on it”. It doesn’t seem like typical “plan b” behavior. But time will tell; I’ll have to see if she opens up.

    • Ok I gotcha. That’s good then. It’s kinda unfair of her to not tell you why. I guess just give it a little more time and see what happens.

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