Is he a player? Or is he just crazy about that other girl?

There's this girl (the day of her 22nd birthday) that went to the dentist a while ago, the dentist had a girlfriend.
But the girl (being his patient) and him (the dentist) have a really special chemistry together which is rather rare at least for her.
He was extremely attracted to her, and flirted big time with her, in a very polite, nice way. He was a gentleman, showing his best qualities he took her under HIS personal care (no he isn't the boss). He made her feel very special by that special attention he was giving her... Also by the fact that he could not take his eyes off of her (he wouldn't even take his eyes off of her to turn)
(He had a big smile the whole time and giggling at not funny things she'd say, also her face was against his body during the cleaning, but those are just details)
The assistant was with us
However At the end of this first appointment he walked her back (instead of the assistant who usually does it) and gave her his # but he gave her because he was afraid of never speaking to her again, not because he has already planned to date her next week. Briefly he didn't think this through and decided to take that back later, either because of his job (can get sued or fired) or because of his girlfriend, don't know.

7 months past the first appointment, was their last appointment together before he leaves to specialise himself she dressed sexy, and the appointment was took more of a sexual turn than usual.. This time he buried her face in his lower abdomen (he knew she would love that).. there was those moments when he would just stare at her silently, in her eyes, not doing any dentistry but just staring at her, as if he was waiting for something? By the way, was wearing' a dress that she lifted up to very slightly show her panties *accidentally * before the dentist arrives and he would turn his body to take a look at it.. There was an assistant with us but she was busy on her computer, he was still with his girlfriend.
Is he to blame or not?


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  • Both are to blame. You being the homewrecker and seductress and him cheating while in a relationship.

    • But some people are saying that he's not a player because he's just crazy about me.. He's not looking to cheat but I'm driving him nuts..
      So my question isn't really who to blame but is he a player?

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    • Whether he's still interested in his girlfriend doesn't matter. What matters is they're still together. I don't blame you the first time but i do blame you the second yime since you already knew he has a girlfriend. Of course he's to blame as well for being so easily tempted. Anyways I'm guessing this argument is invalid since you've probably sent him the picture. So whatever.

    • When i said "other girl" I meant me, not his girlfriend.
      And no I didn't yet..

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