How should I deal with her?

My best friend is trying to keep me to herself. I tell her I have plans already, usually with my boyfriend, or my family or something and she tries to guilt me. She calls me a horrible friend, tells me I "abandon" her and everything. It makes me feel horrible and my boyfriend is starting to dislike hanging out with me :(

Every time we have plans she will call or text my phone and make me feel like crap for not hanging out with her. Keep in mind I actually see her at least 5 days out of the week. But it's starting to stress my boyfriend and I's relationship and I don't know how to tell her to back off.

What should I do? How should I deal with her? Help!


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  • I have dealt with the same situation you need to sit down and talk with her tell her I can't hang out with you all the time, I have family a boyfriend and other friends as well so I think we need to take a break from this friendship if you can't accept the other things in my life. If she's a true friend she might be upset but she will understand in talking to her about that stuff you will see the type of friend she is. best of luck!

  • I don't like totally jumping to a psychological diagnosis, but it sounds like she might have Borderline Personality Disorder. Okay, it's not necessarily that, but getting mad at you for not hanging out with her when you see her 5 days a week seems a bit extreme. At least I think you should take a peek at this link and see if it sounds like your friend:


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