Was it too soon, and did I mess up?

When talking to this girl after about a month I asked her what she expects to happen between us. She said she didn't know, but we still kept hanging out with each other. So after a little while maybe 3 months, I started to dig this girl. I told her "I really love hanging around her," and pretty much see if we can progress. Mind you I said this after she expressed how much she really likes me (which was about 1-1.5 month (s) prior). I told her a lot more than just that, but that was the main idea. Mind you she would always tell me that I am a really great guy, and she wish she had met me sooner. During the whole time I would get a weird gut feeling. After having a few suspicious calls (it sounded like something was going on in the background with her and someone else), in addition to her never wanting to really move forward I just took it that I got played. So I don't know if I messed it up by really telling her how I felt and really letting her know that I would like to have a relationship with her. I should also mention we spoke very frequently almost everyday, if not everyday. I would start the conversations, and wait until she answered. Then the next time I would wait to let her start the conversation (even though it was killing me inside, because I really enjoyed talking to her and so forth). After a while she told me essentially that she wanted to slow it down, and for me to be patient. From when I really started to get feelings for her, till now I have always had this weird nervous/anxious feeling that she had another guy/guys (some of her stories didn't make sense to mean and some things she would say about other people. When she said things about the other people I wonder if she was actually talking about herself). Even then I just told myself that I was being paranoid. At this moment even though I really like her, I'm trying to get over her and move on. Looking for advice.
P. S. The hardest part is I will have to see her again, because she lives down the street from me, and I know she is going to try and get after me again. This will happen especially since she would be bored and know that she already has me. Not to mention I have to face the embarrassment of getting played by her, and me still having feelings for her.


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  • If a girl isn't coming after you, she doesn't want you. Its simple. If she wanted you she would make it very easy for you to get her. If she isn't, then there you go. Your playing yourself.


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