He Likes Me but I Just Want to Make Out?

There's this guy at my college. He's kind of the "bad guy" around and I'm the "nice girl". We've been flirting/lowkey hanging out since October. I am trying to transfer to another school and made sure to tell him a while ago. He liked me and tried to distance himself because I'm trying to transfer but I kept initiating conversations. We kissed for the first time a couple weeks ago (he initiated the kiss.) Next day he and I both apologize and he tells me he likes me and wanted to make sure I was ok. A week later, he asks if I want to hang out and that he would not try to kiss me if I didn't want him to. I told him I was hoping we would. We only got through half of the movie we were watching at his place because we made out the rest of the time and then cuddled and I nearly fell asleep on him except I had to leave for work in the morning. He was telling me how he wanted to be with me for a while but was too scared to make a move and didn't want to hurt me since I was leaving. Since last week, we have texted nonstop and he's called consistently the past 5 nights and we have stayed up for hours. by the way, he NEVER talks on the phone with anyone (words from his mouth and his roomates' mouths). His mom also said hi to me on speaker phone and he told me he'd talked to his mom about me. He told me that he's never had a girlfriend and that he's only kissed one other girl. He seems to REALLY like me and is really sweet to me. He told me that he is different with me than he is with other people. I told him upfront I don't want a relationship or anything serious with a guy right now and don't want to date for a while (we're going on a date next week tho.) I rarely kiss or date anyone. I don't "get around" but I'm at a place in my life where I don't want "strings attached" but still want to make out and hang out. But what if he wants more than that? I'm afraid of hurting his feelings. What should I do? I know this sounds shallow but I really want to make out with him again.
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He's also been acting kind of clingy. Always wants to call and texts me really sweet things like he wants to kiss me and hold me but honestly we haven't even had one official date yet and I told him I don't want a relationship right now. Not sure what to do or what to think?
He Likes Me but I Just Want to Make Out?
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