Being Chivalrous, is it worth it?

I was raised to treat people the same way I want them to treat me. I've brought that to the dating scene and have had little success in even getting a chicks number. (This is only online dating, I have not had a one on one face to face date at all.) So, should I keep acting like the gentleman that I am proud to be, or should I stoop to the lower levels of men and say "your hot, wanna see my pecker?"
P. S. I would Never send a unsolicited picture unless I KNOW she would enjoy it. And have only done it once.Being Chivalrous, is it worth it??


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  • Chivalry, and what most people think it is today, just doesn't do it for me. Yes, of course I say thank you when someone opens a door for me, and it's certainly nice when I had a handful of packages, but it's not the thing that get my juices flowing. What really works best for me, and a lot of women I know, if a guy who is interested in getting to know me on a deeper level than just superficial things like door opening and what I look like. I want someone with the backbone to wade into the deep, murky waters of love with me.

    Having manners and being a gentleman are great, but, the real question is, what else are you bringing to the table? Passion? Compassion? A deep sense of the inherent value of other human beings? An ability to converse easily?

    This is not directed at you because I don't know you. But I am troubled by how many men are obsessed with women, and sex, but have done so very little in their lives to actually observe and understand women, out in the wild, as it were.


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