What should I give her for Christmast?

Honestly, I tell you I hate early bondings. I have been dating this younger girl for 2 months and she kinnda thinks of it as a relationship, but I am hard to trust people, so I take it very slowly.

Now is the holiday time and I want to give her something for Christmast as a sign of aprecciation and care. I bought her a nice special dark chocolate with dry orange chunks. I also won this bracelet on a tombola I accidentaly took and it was just so random. I would like to give it to her, but it is not anything special, and I have noticed she has been wearing some bracelets from her ex. I know they don't mean anything to her now that she has me, but I don't want to be just another bracelet to her.

I don't know I got this bracelet by such an accident and don't know what to do with it. I want to throw it away but it seems like I got it for a reason.
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  • So I wanted to tell you chocolate and the bracelet but, you are really over thinking the bracelet. Since the bracelet thing is difficult, find her a gift that goes with her interest or that speaks to your relationship. Just but some thought into it but don't drive yourself crazy. Be confident in what you know about her. A gift can be an experience as well. Meaning make a memory with her by doing something special with her and you can get her something the relates to the experience.

    • You're probably right. I might be just overthinking it. Thanks for the opinion and your support. Happy holidays 😉😁

    • Happy holidays! 🙂

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  • Penis in a box.

    • 😂 With time my brother... with time...

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