Was I unkind unnecessarily?

So I spent 6 months talk to a woman. We arranged 4 dates but she bailed on all of them, but continued to insist she was still interested, just shy. She was too shy to talk on the phone. I really tried to find a way as in the end I was just feeling sympathy for her. Kind of like I wanted to date her to help her develop her confidence.
Eventually I developed a relationship with someone else, so I told her that I had a sixth date with someone else and wanted to offer to be exclusive with that person, do kinda ,"sorry you have missed the bus". It must have been a but if a blow to her, and she said she want to keep talking if the date did not go well. I said I would be in touch if my situation allowed it.
Anyhow, yesterday after 5 weeks she starts messaging again. ,"How was that date." I made pleasantries, but did not answer the question, as things are going very well. She kept insisting, so eventually I let her know that things had developed into a "full" relationship, however we have not made an exclusive commitment to each other. She was a bit gutted, but I kinda feel she had her chances and did not take them. Do you think I was unnecessarily unkind - I did try to avoid answering the question.
Was I unkind unnecessarily?
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