How do you start the subject about sexual experiences and preverences with a girl?

Lots of girls love to talk about sex. After a certain time of chatting with a woman on internet or on dates I don't know how to start the subject about sexual experiences and preverences etc. It mostly started from the woman's side and I never knew how it got there. Any advice?


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  • It's taken me till the age of 30 to actually be honest about sexual desires. There is a cultural bias that almost fears non vanilla male sexuality making it scary to express it. Truth be told you just have to grow the testicles to be honest and vocal about it, and accept the other half may not be interested. The same goes for emotions/depression etc. Women are taught to express themselves and men are taught to be stoic and silent, and it's not healthy.

    Regarding sexual interests there's actually a good website for couples where you fill in kinks privately individually and it then emails you a list of things you are compatible with.

  • First have sex than ask how was it? So you will see response.


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