Girls, Girl purposely avoiding looking at me after seeing me talk to another girl?

A girl and I was exchanging glances for a few weeks. I seen her in the library a lot. Sometimes she would walk past and I would look her but she would look at the ground and act shy.

i avoided looking at her after that , but I was forced to sit on a table near hers in the library. She was sat working with her frievds She would always listen in , look over , and if I get up to look for a book when I turn around she's looking 🤔.

i noticed her friends always started looking at me in the canteen, and she would whisper to them and look at me at same time. Or just plain glaring at me from accross the hall before class.

so I got confused 🤷‍♀️, if im around the library I asked a few girl in my class where a girl was because she wasn't in and that I hope she ok... I saw her whispering and staring at her phone.

I thought nothing at that point and the glances continued for example I sat down and she purposely faced me whilst putting her jacket on. a week later she looked cute as heck , she was at printer and when walked off to come back in she seen me helping a girl on her computer she looked right at me and seemed awkward upset and whispering to herself looking at phone againwhilst exiting room.

Following on from her seeing me talking to a girl, I noticed this week when I saw her she suddenly stopped making eye contact with me, she is purposely trying not to look at me.

i haven't actually spoken to her but I'm just confused.


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  • you might reading too much into it


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