College Dating - How should I handle this situation?

This girl and I are a freshman at fairly large university. We met at a party on October, and we hung out 5 times before I asked her if she wants to go out with me. She said yes, and I thought everything was going smooth (before Thanksgiving break).
However, once Thanksgiving break was over, we did not talk at all. We have totally different schedules and live far away that we don't see each other if we don't text to meet up. After about a week, I texted her whats going on, and she sent me 8 paragraphs response. She said she has been really busy and a lot of stuff happened at the same time that she couldn't talk to me and not ready for a relationship. But she ended with a sentence of she really likes me and apologized at the end, saying she feels really guilty.
I handled the situation well by saying that I appreciate how she shared her feelings to me, and I wish her best luck.
She responded saying "aww thanks for being understanding :)" - I didn't get this part, but someone please tell me what this means.
2 weeks ago, I accidentally encountered her. She avoided eye contact, but I was able to speak up and talk to her. I told her how I don't wanna end awkward with her (especially she's such a good person), and she told me how we should be friends, because we live far away and don't see each other a lot.
The last time I saw her was Last week - where I was in her dorm's entrance to wait for someone else (3 girls). She smiled/waved at me first as she entered the building, and I waved at her back.

My question - I'm not sure what will happen next semester, but do you all think I still have a chance to be with her again? Especially because she said on her text "I cannot be in relationship right now" Or, I should just move on and wait until she gets back to me?


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  • It would be best to move on for now. And the part you didn't understand is pretty straight forward, she was just relieved that you understood, that's all. :)


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  • She is probably seeing other guys


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