Does anyone share my standards?

Personally, I’m waiting for an amazing girl before I consider losing my virginity. Are you like me? Or is gag a slut?

I mean being naked in front of a girl. I need to trust her!! But I’m still worried. What if she wants a bigger penis, or better body 😬! 🙁
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  • Lol i take it u came across my Standards post today? But my boyfriend is also a virgin who was waiting for the one. And now he and i are waiting til marriage because he believes im the one :) and even virgins may want a bigger dick and better body on their guy. Also, its hard to define a slut. It could be based on how many people thhey flirted with, slept with, etc. A girl could be a virgin who sent lots of nudes and still be considered a slut. So yea carefully think through that term


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