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How do you deal with your boyfriend if he’s always depressed? Instead of him talking to You about it he turns to weed. I’m just tired of it.


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  • Sorry, but depression is a form of mental illness and the majority of times there is nothing you can do. All he is going to do is drag you down and hold you back in life. Now he is turning to drugs which will bankrupt you both if you stick around. You did not cause the depression and you are under no obligation to correct it either. It sucks, but that is his to deal with. People have to want to try and want to be helped. If he chooses to ignore the help and continue down that destructive path, then you really have no choice but to let him live his own life, make his own decisions. He is an adult and you also have your own life to life too. Might be time to move on.


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  • He needs help groups etc because him not talking to you is wrong and turning to weed is bad or any thing else

    • Right! And he’s depressed about not finding a job. And of course I️ talk to him all the time that I️ have his back. He’s just tired of being broke. Which I️ can understand that but what’s mines is his and he don’t wanna look at it that way I️ guess cuz he’s used to getting everything on his own

    • Thanks for mho

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  • Therapy. I can relate to his situation in a way. I turn to weed to get a break from it all as it calms my nerves and keeps panic and/or anxiety attacks in check, when I'm in a relationship it just hurts even more to put extra weight on the one I love. Plus, talking about it with someone close to me leave me (not saying any of this is the case for your boyfriend, just saying how it is for me) can leave ne with extra anxiety and stress like: did I say anything wrong? Will she think I'm too crazy if I say too much and leave me? Damn, the things I said last time I did open up don't apply anymore... Should I talk to her again or not?

    What's important tho is that he takes charge of his own situation. If he doesn't want to talk to you for whatever reason he has to talk to someone. (don't take it personal if he don't talk to you, this is more likely him and not you as people deal with things differently, specially in relationships). Maybe talk him in a gentle way (important) that it hurts the relationship when he don't.

    If the weed habits is out of hand and he refuse to do anything about it, don't want to talk to anyone regardless what you try to do to help the relationship and his situation etc. then it might be smart to figure out whether or not there will be any change in the near/foreseeable future and whether or not you can handle it or not.

    Best of luck to the both of you, hope he realizes the situation and stop the escapism with weed and either get stuff back track on his own or get professional help before it takes too much of a toll on your relationship.

  • If he is actually depressed (not just feeling down/sad) there is nothing you can do about it. Its a fight he has to win on his own.

    • there are anti depressants that pretty much get the job done

  • how old is he?

    • He’s 22

    • there's not much i can say aboit why he is depressed because i dont know, but if you guys do some things he enjoys or clubbing or something, it might take his mind off things

    • Yeah ik he likes to go play pool and stuff.

  • Break


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