I asked her out but no reply. Should I text again or am I just paranoid?

I just sent this text to a girl :

I've been thinking
I never got to take you out on that date 
Lets go to dinner and see that new Pitch Perfect movie the day after Christmas. Sound like a plan?

She used to really like me, but I never realized it (this was last year) We reconnected this year and she still seemed to be interested in me.

She knows i like her because I've told her my feelings. This was about two months ago, and she said she lives me but the time isn't right and she has to focus on other things, but we could do something in a few weeks.

Weve kept talking the past two months, and i decided the time has cone to ask her out again. However, its been about two hours since i sent the text and still no reply.

she's always on her phone and talking to people, so its possible she just missed it or didn't check texts cause she's too busy doing something else.

She has been a little on and off with liking me lately, but i approached her yesterday and we we were talking like normal. I feel like maybe she is taking her time to make he decision because she still is unsure of how sue feels.

I feel like i am probably just overreacting, but in ue case i dont get a reply, hiw long should i wait to send another text and what should i say when i do to get the date with her?


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  • It's possible she's freaking out and texting all her friends trying figure out how to reply Source: Me


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  • She's seen the text she just doesn't know what to reply. Chill for abit

  • She will answer you on her own she probably is just trying to think about what yo say


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