Boyfriend hides stuff from me?

So i found out my boyfriend of one year was hiding stuff from me. I already had a feeling, so when he was on his phone i asked to see. Turned out he had two numbers blocked (one we already talked about). When i asked about the other one he said it was his ex. He lied to be about this, cause when i asked if he talked to her or did she contact him the past couple months, he told me no. At first he didn't want to tell me what she said, acted like he didn't know. But then told me she asked if he was still with me and that he then immediately blocked her. I find this hard to believe cause if he did it. I had no reason to be mad, so he could have told me. And he never wanted to block her before and kept responding to her and hiding and lying it from me ( this was earlier in the relationship). We both had some trust issues, started with him. He always says i should be honest and open. And wanted proof i didn't cheated on him, i did thag. And now je was lying and hiding stuff himself.. Igot really mad andgot in a pretty big fight afterwards. I dont know if i overreacted or was i right? He says he would never do stuff like that with me and that he does his best with me. We were gonna spend Christmas with his family. Im confused, was i right to respond like that. He said hé should have told me, but he said that before when he was hiding stuff too.
Boyfriend hides stuff from me?
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