Boyfriend’s Pace And My Pace?

So my boyfriend keeps telling he’ll only move in this relationship if I move. I’ve asked him why not go his pace for once and he said he wouldn’t feel comfortable going his pace, cause he doesn’t want to me uncomfortable. Should I just forget about it or should I try bring it up again? I’m curious at what his pace is compared to mine.. should I should I bring it up again or no?


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  • Guys dislike bringing stuff like up from the past but remember, you're 17 rather think it over very carefully or risk being regretful about it later, sry 4 sounding kike a old parent but its true, if you have bewn together like 6-9 months take it slow, college is when you would want to ve making lasting relationships. Since yr 17 you have about 1 year before you are forces to break up due to further education or split interests in subjects in your education.

  • Sounds like he's thinking about you first like let's say he's ready for sex and you're not that means he's willing to wait until you're ready, seems like a good thing to me.

  • Yea ask him again


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