Dating question?

After getting a girl number what should I do, how many days should I wait before talking to her?
What to do on the first time going out?


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  • Personally, if I gave a guy my number I'd like a text the next day sometime or I'd feel he was just a player and not really that interested in me. That's maybe just me though. Haha

    • Why would you expect a guy to be serious if you just met him for 5 min

    • It's not that I would expect him to be serious, but if he waited like a week to text me without any real good reason I would know he wasn't *that* into me and I'd be turned off.

    • Aha thanks a lot :)

Most Helpful Guy

  • I don't think you should wait a certain amount of days, it all depends on a situation. How did you get her number, how well do you know her etc.

    • Everyday I get new number from people I never met.. The idea is that after getting the number I never knew the next step

    • Why would u call a number of a person u never met? 😂

    • Heheh I am in russia since 3 months, almost everyday I went to cafes and get females number.. But never called them back 😂

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  • Personally I don’t follow a time frame if I get someone’s number I text them fairly immediately and I’ve never had any issues. No ones gonna be like oh gee I wonder why they texted me so quickly.

    • Don't you think this will makes you look desperate?

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    • Lol I will keep you updated

    • 👌🏽👌🏽

What Guys Said 2

  • There are no rules do whatever the fuck u want but date wise don't do the movies

  • Let her call you. If she doesn't call she isn't into you... Trust.


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