Is it better to not date these days?

If your a guy?

It doesn't seem like most girls are worth it these days. Girls are selfish these days. They only care about their feelings, their emotions. They cheat, lie and expect you to forgive them because not matter what they do your to blame. They don't cook, or take care of their man because they are influenced by feminists and think they are better than men. Marriage is out of the question, as 50% of marriages end in divorce, usually ended by the woman and then they take half your money and your house and a new guy is living in your house and you have to pay for him, really. Lastly modern women have no value for sex and give it to anyone. Most girls have a high cock count (40ish) yet they complain about men only wanting sex...

Its better to just be a fuckboy. Girls are easy these days and you can easily get lots of sex. No fear of getting cheated on or losing your money. Its better to never date. Get a dog for love. They don't cheat on you and love you more than any woman ever could.
Is it better to not date these days?
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